Celebrity Psychics

Celebrity psychics are famed for their high rates of accuracy, their A-list clientele and also their appearances on television shows. Some have written books outlining their experiences and many go on tour providing live shows for their devoted followers. To get a reading with a celebrity psychic you may need to join a very long waiting list!

Celebrity Psychic A-List:

Derek Acorah - A UK psychic medium with numerous television appearances under his belt, Derek is known for his exuberant style. Acorah became aware of his abilities from a young age after the spirit of his grandfather visited him. He receives message from the deceased via his spirit guide ‘Sam’ and regularly demonstrates his abilities on tour.

Gary Spivey - A larger than life psychic, medium and spiritual healer, Spivey has made numerous television appearances delighting audiences with his unique looks and inimitable style. He claims to have become aware of his psychic abilities at the age of three. Meditation and spiritual healing are important aspects of his work and he tours extensively, providing private readings, making live appearances on radio and television and giving seminars and workshops.

John Edward - Known for his television shows Crossing Over and Cross Country Edward works as a psychic medium providing messages to audiences from deceased friends and relatives. Initially a skeptic he began developing his mediumistic abilities from the age of 15 after being told he had the gift by another medium. He has written many books including ‘Infinite Quest: Develop your psychic intuition to take charge of your life’ and ‘After life: Answers from the other side’.

James Van Praagh - Also a medium, Van Praagh claims to have been aware of his abilities from a very young age. He has appeared on television many times and has written several books including the popular Talking to Heaven: A Medium’s Message of Life After Death.

Micki Dahne - One of the most famous psychics in the USA, Dahne has made countless television appearances and boasts a client list featuring actors, politicians and singers. She discovered her psychic abilities at a young age and is the mother of another celebrity psychic, Jill Dahne.

Sylvia Browne - A psychic medium, Browne is known for her appearances on Larry King Live and The Montel Williams Show she claims to have started receiving psychic visions from the age of five years old. Browne comes from a family of psychics with her grandmother, great uncle and son all reported to have psychic ability.

Walter Mercado - Flamboyant Puerto Rican astrologer Mercado is best known for his show that ran for almost ten years on Spanish language channel Univision. Loved by the public and celebrities alike, Mercado has also made predictions about world politics and global events.


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